IMS helps businesses achieve faster marketing success, most economically.  Wise, incremental marketing and communications investments "turbo-charge" your business and the accomplishment of its mission!  Consider these exceptional IMS attributes:

We listen well and quickly understand your B2B marketing and communication requirements and challenges.  We're immediately productive, most economically, on your behalf!
We have a deep understanding of many technical products, services, and B2B markets.  This enables us to share practical perspectives and collaborate with you to determine the most effective set of integrated marketing and communications strategies to help you find prospects and convert them to new customers, faster and more economically . . . or do whatever is best right away to conquer your most immediate challenge(s).
IMS' strategic ideas are resourceful, practical, and effective, based on sound B2B marketing principles.  You'll find our communications solutions are very creative, striking, and attention-getting, while being clear and easy for customers and prospects to quickly comprehend and act upon.
We understand the paramount importance of our client’s being perceived as credible and trustworthy, especially those who aspire to earn a close, collaborative, problem-solving, "specs-setting" team relationship with their customers, while minimizing or carving-out the competition. This understanding enables us to develop integrated marketing and communications programs that help "automate the earning and multiplying" of this credibility and trust, paving the way for salespeople to more easily advance into this pre-emptive, value-added role.
IMS marketing communications programs are commonly designed to go well beyond "features and benefits" into the realm of helping clients objectively and tactfully conquer their competition, including alternative suppliers of similar offerings and suppliers of alternative processes to achieve similar results.  Our best work is for companies with offerings that have clear competitive advantages.
IMS comprises a vast network of experts in all facets of B2B communications who function independently in their fields of expertise or in collaboration with others on specific projects, such as IMS and its clients.  Most agencies employ less-than-the-best who they can afford to hire and retain.  And they must keep busy doing something, even if it strays from their areas of expertise and proficiency.  Conversely, IMS selects and manages the best blend of self-sufficient, entrepreneurial experts for each of your projects.  This enables us to achieve your best solution on each project.  Plus, it’s very economical for you because these entrepreneurial experts function with very low overhead, with most working out of home offices.
Please contact us today.  We welcome the opportunity to get to know you, your products and/or services, and your current marketing challenges and requirements.  Will you give us a chance to earn your trust and appreciation of our services?  How about starting with a trial project so you can taste and experience the exceptional advantages of working with IMS?  We’re confident you’ll want to team-up for more!
IMS strives to honor God and His biblical principles in all we do.  Plus, many of us pray regularly for Heavenly outpourings of God’s inspiration, goodness, and blessings for all clients and the IMS Teams who support and serve them.  We believe our Creator’s favor provides a tangible, Divine difference in our team efforts and mutual prosperity.