Sample of Showcase Website . . . Exceptional Web Time & Pages Viewed by Quality Visitors/Prospects who Advance Rapidly Toward Becoming New Customers
Sample of Advertising & Marketing Communications for Designer and Maker of Custom Cabinet Doors . . . to Achieve Considerable Competitive Advantages, High Perceived Value, and More Orders with New Customers.
Sample of Corporate Identity & Branding Program for a Restructuring Organization . . . Clear, Functional, and Synergistically Reinforced to Maximize Informing, Positioning/Branding, and Selling Efficiencies
IMS – Manual for DTI Corporate Identity & Branding.pdf
Samples of Lean, Competitive Positioning & Branding Brochures . . . to Clearly, Concisely, and Quickly Convey Info that Target Prospects Value Highly
IMS – Swihart Brochure.pdf
IMS – LogiTrack Brochure.pdf
IMS – Architrend Brochure.pdf
Samples of HR (Human Resources) Communications . . . to Build and Fortify Corporate Values while Raising Esteem & Satisfaction with Corporation Among Employees
Samples of "New Product Rollout" Marketing & Communications . . . Advertising to Build Awareness and Preference; Highly Effective Sales Tools to Help Beat Competitors and Win Orders Quickly