Stairway to Marketing Effectiveness & Success
    This stairway reflects the “steps” or tasks that must be accomplished before receiving Orders from existing and new customers.  High-cost personnel can be used to accomplish some or all of these required tasks.  Or you can support marketing personnel with thoughtful, integrated marketing communications programs that “help automate” the accomplishment of these required tasks, similar to the “automated tools and processes” used to fulfill orders.  Doing so enables you to acquire more customers and receive more orders with less overall marketing costs.
Marketing Effectiveness & Success Pivots on Key Links in the Chain
    This integrated marketing communications stairway is also analogous to a chain, which is as strong as its weakest link.  The most effective integrated marketing communications programs provide the “most complete chain with equal strength links.”  Are one or more of your “links” weaker than the others? If so, this is the best place to begin strengthening.  Dividends from these initial investments can be used to strengthen other “links” later on.
    IMS Services include:
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Counsel . . . including development
    of pay-as-you-grow, integrated, incremental marketing and communications strategies